How to find best call girls services and Escorts girls in Nairobi

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Welcome to Kenya.If you are new or you have just arrived in Kenya, Nairobi city to be precise and you need to get a callgirl for a night, there are many places or joints you can visit.

In popular red light streets like Koinange ,Luthuli avenue and probably almost all streets at night, you shall find twilight girls skimply dressed ,exposing their flesh to those that seek to that their deir desires are well taken care of and with this kind of dressing, you dont need an interpretor to tell you whether they (ladies) are in business.

You can as well visit well known brothels that charge so cheaply as compared to those on the streets,with just 10$ equivalent to 1100 kenya shillings you can bargain your way with a call girls and enjoy her companion the whole night.

Known brothels::

Sabina joy

Modern green


Luthuli Avenue buildings etc..

How safe im i with Nairobi call girls or escort ladies i find in streets?

Find a call girl or escort girls in Nairobi is a double gamble.Most are ruthless and  and will drug you and have you loose conscious ness and they will steal everything valuable from you.

However there are those ladies that are in for business and they will look a you client to be and somehow treat you with respect and will offer full blown sexual affair in excnhage for more cash on top of the pay.

It has been in the news that male client have been drugged,beaten and forced to part with more cash beyond the agreed amount.It is for this reason we encourage men to always get or recommend men to get ladies from online call girls directory websites, most probably because most web administrators have contacts of the listed call girls.

However, not all websites are recommended but with alot of expereince, i can recommend men to get services from websites such as Nairobi Raha and Nairobi Call girls .Most certainy, if the deal goes sour,there shall always be a trace back.


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i want to get a fuckboy

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Yes you can

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