How to date a nairobi escort lady

Category: Random Posted On Thu 24 January, 2019

Hey.If you been wondering how you can date a new lady in Nairobi without ever knowing her is easy.

1st Step

Log on to

choose amonth the hundreds of listed call girls in Nairobi.

Call her to verify if indeed she is the one listed.

Text her on whatsapp, and requset her to sennd you her picture.If the pgoto that appears on the profile of nairobi raha is same.Then bargain on price and hotel to meet.

Get there, that on the agreed venue 20 minutes before time to have a clear view as she arrives.

2nd Step

After a casual talk, get some refreshmements ,rewmember this is just time for bonding since people seem to tense when you meet a stranger at first.Get a room, take shower and DONT forget to carry a pack of condom for better and safe sexual experience.

3rd Step

When your desires are well met.Bid heer farewll and rate your expriences on the website Nairobi raha 

for other users to have cinfidence on that certain Nairobi escort lady.