Cheating With Me On Her Cheating Husband, We Really Both Enjoyed.

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Introduction:Sonia didn’t go into a screaming rage, she didn’t erupt in sorrowful tears or wail in anguish, she looked at me, determination set in her eyes “I want to get screwed, I need to get revenge, do you know anyone who can come over here and fuck me right now?”

I was staying with my sister and her husband for a few days in a cabin on Loon Lake. We were fishing all day and drinking half the fucking night. The third night we were there my sister Sonia drank too much tequila and went limp on the sofa. Alex, my brother-in-law, picked her up and carried her to their room. Fifteen minutes later he came back tucking in his shirt and buttoning his fly. He sat on the sofa next to me and said “That’s no fun.”


“Fucking a totally drunk woman. She’s so out of it, she didn’t even realize what was going on.”

“You screwed Sonia while she was unconscious?”

“Sure did and I pumped her up but I still have a load, want to go to the sports bar and see if we can score?”

“You want to pick up some girls?”

“Yeah, your sister isn’t very enjoyable right now and she’ll never miss me if I leave. I’m gonna get a hot piece of ass, wanna go?”

I was kind of shocked, my sister’s husband was proposing that we find some pussy; he would be cheating on my sister and didn’t even seem to care that I knew. “Ah, no Alex, maybe we should just stay here, want another shot?”

“Yeah, another shot, but not of booze, of ass.” He got off the sofa then loaded up with his wallet, car keys and asked again “Ready?”

“Nah man, go ahead, I’m gonna sit here and vegetate.”

“Okay, maybe I’ll find two bitches and screw one as your proxy.” The next thing I heard was his truck driving off.

I sat on the couch for ten minutes thinking about what I had just discovered about my brother-in-law. He was cheating on my sister? They’d been married four years and had a little girl; my niece Crystal was asleep down the hall. What the hell? Was he really getting screwed outside the home? Maybe he was kidding, I decided to find out. Before I took off to the bar to see what the hell Alex was up to I needed to piss so I went to empty my bladder. As I passed my sister’s bedroom the door was open and I glanced in. Sonia was lying on her stomach, bent at the waist over the edge of the mattress. Her skirt was pushed to her back, her panties around her knees, her ass bare and exposed. She was completely out; passed out. I’d never seen any woman in such an unflattering condition or position. The first thought that came to my mind was concern for Crystal. What if she got up and found her mother like that? Doing my best not to look at her bare butt I stepped into the room and lifted my sister’s legs then turned her so she was lying full on the bed with her head on a pillow. I pulled her skirt into place and the panties off her legs. Sonia moaned lightly and shifted to get more comfortable. When I stepped back, I put my foot into a puddle of cum clotting on the floor next to the bed. In those few moments I lost all respect for my brother-in-law, that he could use her then leave her like a cheap whore added to what he had said earlier and made me wonder about their marriage.

When I stepped onto the dim light of the saloon I looked around the crowd. The bar front was full of men and women watching whatever delayed game was on the four screens, two basketball, one soccer and a bunch of ex-football players quarterbacking from a studio. I spotted Alex in a booth with another guy and three women. They were drinking, loud and engaging in a lot of close personal contact. Alex was focused on the girl sitting with him, she looked like a reject from any form of society. Her hair, if you could call it that, was shaved close on the left side but hung over her shoulder in pink and green plaits on the right. She had pins in her nose, ears and cheeks and a ring in her lower lip. She wore a short sleeved black t-shirt with the logo “Don’t Like Me? Fuck you!” blazoned across the front. Her left arm was tattooed in several colors from elbow to under the shirt. It was too dark to make out what the design was. I couldn’t tell how tall she might be but her weight was definitely out of proportion with her height. Out of proportion on the negative side, she was anorexic thin. She had on heavy dark eye shadow so it looked like her eyes were huge, her mouth was painted dark too. I sat on a bar stool, ordered a beer and watched my brother-in-law chase after the nasty looking skank. My sister is a damn fine looking woman, what the hell was Alex doing?

As I drank the beer Alex was making progress with the girl. I don’t know if he knew her or if they had just met but that didn’t seem to matter to either. He was laughing and teasing and she was stroking his leg then they began to trade kisses. A short introductory kiss quickly became a spit swapping entanglement. After a few minutes of necking and feeling each other up they left the booth and the bar. He didn’t see me sitting in the gloom so after they passed I stepped outside to watch, she mounted a scooter then Alex followed her out of the parking lot. I knew I wouldn’t see him until the morning.

I went back to the cabin wondering what the hell was going on, if I should say anything to my sister about her husband. I looked in on her and my niece, they were both asleep, neither suspected what Alex was doing. I went to bed, my mind seething with dislike for Alex. The bastard was fucking around on my sister and it pissed me off.

I heard when my brother-in-law came in, a quick check of my watch showed 6:10, it was just getting light. I figured Sonia was still asleep because I didn’t hear any conversation or fuss when he went to bed. I got up, fixed a pot of coffee then sat on the front porch of the cabin and pondered my next move. What the hell should I do? If I told Sonia could it jeopardize their marriage. If I didn’t tell Sonia would she hate me if she found out I knew what the hell her philandering husband was up to? I was still sitting when Crystal brightened my outlook by bounding into the morning sun and welcoming the day on my lap with high spirited giggles and little girl enthusiasm. Sonia joined me and her daughter an hour later, her eyes were bleeding and her hair looked like birds were nesting in it. She greeted me with a lot less exuberance than her daughter did, “Shit, I think I had too many margaritas last night.”

“Yeah, pretty much. You were stone cold out when Alex carried you to bed.”

My sister smile ruefully “My head hurts, would you make Crystal some pancakes, I need a shower.”

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Alex came out of bed around 11. He didn’t know I had watched him at the bar so he told me that he was just mouthing off, he only had a couple of beers and played pool with some friends. The fucker not only was lying to his wife, but to me too. I didn’t let on that I knew different and left for my place, I had to think about the whole sordid affair, what the hell should I do with what I knew.

I sat on the secret for two weeks then one afternoon Sonia called me “I have to talk to you, right now, can I come over?”

“What’s the matter, you sound stressed?”

“Not on the phone, I can’t talk about it on the phone but I have to talk to somebody, I’m coming over. Right now.” She clicked off the call.

Sonia had a key to my condo so she didn’t bother to knock or ring, she threw open the door and announced angrily “I have fucking crabs!”


“Crabs! Body Lice! I itched like hell and went to the doctor; her nurse shaved my body then gave me some lotion to kill off the little fucking bugs! Do you know how goddamn embarrassing that was? I got the motherfucking crabs and it had to be from Alex. There was no other way to get them.”

Sonia’s profane laden outburst unsettled me. I looked into her stressed eyes “Maybe you picked them up from another bed, have you been to a hotel or someplace like that lately?”

“No. That bastard got the crabs from someone and gave them to me.” She said someone, not somewhere. She paused then added “I got scared about how I got them and asked the doctor to do a blood test for STDs. I mean if he brought home lice, what else might he give me? She didn’t find anything else to worry about.”

The first thought I had was that the skinny little piece he picked up must have been just as dirty as she looked. My brother-in-law became a host to lice by fucking her then he passed the vermin on to my sister. What the fuck could I say? “What does Alex say about this?”

“He says some asshole used his jock strap at the gym, as a joke or something.”

Well, maybe not totally original, but different; “He’s kidding, right?”

“No, he says there is a guy there that would do anything to screw with him, he says this guy had lice then put on his jock strap to get it infected. He thinks I stupid enough to believe him.”

“You want some coffee?”

“Please, and put a kicker in it.”

I poured two mugs of coffee then added a liberal shot of rum to each. Sonia and I settled back to sip the enhanced caffeine while I thought. I was pretty sure I knew how she got the crabs but I was still on the fence about telling her. My sister sipped her brew then asked “Karl, to you think Alex is cheating on me? You’ve been around him when I’m not, how does he act with other women? Is there anything you know that I don’t?” There it was, my moment of truth. Should I lie to my sister or complete the demolition of her marriage? I pondered the question long enough she noticed my hesitance, “He is isn’t he. Alex is fucking other women? You can tell me Karl, I won’t be mad at you if he is and you know.”

“I only know of one time he was messing around with another girl and I don’t know if they did anything. I saw them flirting but I can’t say he took her to bed.”

“Maybe you can’t say for sure, but you can tell me if you think they did. Do you think my husband fucked her?”

It was time. “Yeah, I’m about 99.9% positive he did Sonia, I’m sorry.”

She didn’t look shocked, she looked like I had just confirmed her own thoughts “When?”

“The last time we were at the cabin, you passed out then he went to the sports bar and started hitting on some girl. He didn’t know I was there so he didn’t try to hide anything, they left together and he didn’t come home until dawn. But that’s the only time I know.” I added “He must have gotten the bugs from her because she didn’t look like she took personal hygiene seriously.”

My sister cast her eyes to the floor, her shoulders slumped in resignation “I don’t think that’s the first time Alex has cheated on me, he’s done it before. Several times, I was 99.9% sure too.” She paused to look at me, “I was just never 100% sure, but I am now.” I nodded and poured more rum into our coffees.

Sonia didn’t go into a screaming rage, she didn’t erupt in sorrowful tears or wail in anguish, she looked at me, determination set in her eyes “I want to get screwed, I need to get revenge, do you know anyone who can come over here and fuck me right now?”


“A friend Karl, call someone. I need some cunt and cock action and it’s been so long I don’t know where to look, how to act. What about Jerry, he looks like a good fuck?”

“Sonia, maybe you better go home. Take Crystal out for ice-cream or something, calm down, get rational before you do something you might regret.”

“The only thing I regret right now is my wedding day. Please Karl, I need to get some cock.”

My sister refused to go home, she argued her case until I relented and called Jerry, “Hey Jerr, can you get away for a while, I have a woman here that could use a good man right now and she’s ready to take you to bed. My place, she’s sitting here looking at me. I can’t, I have some goddamn moral barrier I can’t get around. She’s pretty and you know her, but she doesn’t want me to tell who she is until you get here. Sexy? Yeah, very. You are where? What the fuck are you doing in Chicago? Well hell, okay, enjoy.”

I told Sonia “Jerry is in Chicago, anybody else interest you right now?”

“Maybe Simon?”

“Simon is married.”

“Hey Karl, so am I but that doesn’t stop him from hitting on me every time he gets close.”

The call went out to Simon, even before I told him I had a willing piece of ass ready to screw him he started telling me about his miseries. After a few minutes of ‘woe-is-me’ and ‘my life is shit’ I punched off and told my sister “You sure as hell don’t need to complicate your life by hanging around with him right now. Sorry Sis, you’ll have to go home frustrated.”

Sonia stood off the couch, grabbed the rum then took a big swallow directly from the bottle. She coughed, grabbed her throat until it cooled then turned to me “Let’s go to bed, you can fuck me.”


“Come on Karl, you can get an erection can’t you? That’s what I need right now, I don’t give a rotten damn who it’s hanging on as long it isn’t Alex.” She grabbed my left arm and led me to my bedroom. We stopped by the bed, she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. She sat on the edge of the bed, pulled me closer by my belt then started opening my pants. After my sister pulled my Levi’s and briefs to my knees, she studied my limp cock then looked up at me then asked with a small determined grin “That sure as hell isn’t what I need, does it get hard?”

I was starting to react to Sonia and what she wanted. My dick began to swell while she tickled it with two fingertips. She was watching my eyes as she fondled me, in a few moments I had become the tool she needed to exact her revenge. The moral barriers I had mentioned to Jerry crumbled to dust. When my cock was fully grown I pushed my sister to her back then spread her legs with my knees. I stepped between her thighs then pushed the head of my erection into Sonia’s shaved slit. She was looking up at me when I remembered “You have crabs” then pulled away from her.

Sonia grabbed my left wrist to hold me in place, “No, I’m shaved clean and the lotion got rid of them. I’m okay.” She tugged me back to her and said “But I’m not going to get into my own bed until it’s fumigated and I throw away the sheets and blankets. Your bed will have to do right now.”

My cock had solidified to stone, a reaction I have every time I experience a woman for the first time but I was still hesitant “Are you sure about this?”

She grabbed my prick, squeezed it hard and said “If you don’t fuck me I’ll rip this off and use it as a dildo. Time for talk is done, screw me. You don’t have to make me get off but you can, in me, deep in me.” Her eyes softened, her voice dropped to a whisper “Cum deep, cum hard, I need it Karl.” I pushed into Sonia until our pelvic bones mashed together. She gasped, widened her legs even more then laid her head back on my bed.

In my 28 years I never once thought of my sister as a sex partner. I had never spied on her, never hit on her, never coveted her. She was my older sister and even if I had tried anything perverted, she would have body slammed me into a body cast. I looked down at the connection between Sonia and me, her impaled on my erection, and a never before set of emotions and feeling overwhelmed me. My reluctance to fuck my sister dissipated to be replaced by a strong feeling of closeness and love for her. Not lover love, but brother/sister/family love. The absolute intimacy of what we were doing only strengthened the sibling bond.

As I fucked Sonia she was becoming less casual, more involved with what was going on between her thighs. She lifted her feet off the floor then hooked her legs around my hips, her hands started balling up the blanket she was lying on. I put my hands under the skirt and held her hips as she started rolling her back in sync with me. She was new, exciting and I hadn’t been laid in weeks so I hit my limit too soon. I jammed into my sister and groaned as contractions forced air from my lungs. My cock swelled, convulsed then sprayed the walls of her womb with my discharge.

I stepped away from Sonia and watched as my cum leaked from her to the blanket. She sat up with a huge grin on her face “I needed that, thanks.”


She stood, holding her skirt high and put a hand between her legs then pulled it up to look at the semen on her fingers, “I have to clean up, would you get me a glass of water? I’ll be right out.” She was so fucking nonchalant, as if we had just finished lunch. I pulled my pants up then went to pour her some water.

We sat at the small breakfast table facing each other “I need to leave soon, I have to get Crystal from daycare.”

“What are you going to do about Alex?”

“Alex will never get into my pants again. I’m done with him and he’ll be gone, very soon, but I’m going to start getting laid regularly.”

“Who are you going to fuck around with?” I wasn’t hopeful, just curious.

Sonia sat back and looked at me for a few moments then stood and came to my side of the table “Open your pants.”

I unhooked, unzipped the pulled my jeans to my knees. My cock was reacting a lot quicker than the first time she demanded I expose it. When it was standing tall from my groin Sonia straddled my legs and sat on my thighs. She hadn’t put her underwear back on so her pussy was kissing my erection. She lifted slightly to let me hold my prick and center it for her. She eased back down until I was fully sheathed by her body. She put her hands on my shoulders, leaned back until her arms were straight the began to roll her ass on me.

I could see it in her eyes, unlike the first time we fucked, she was getting turned on. Her pussy was quickly getting wet and hot, her movements more sensuous, she started breathing through partially open lips while her eyes held mine prisoner. I held her waist while she rocked for maybe five minutes then she erupted with a strong extramarital orgasm. Sonia slammed her head to my shoulder and started crying out the shocks of ecstasy that echoed through her. She wrapped her arms around me tight and bounced on my lap until she quieted. Just as she loosened her hold on me, I came. She felt me pulsing and smiled pleasantly while I finished. “Does that answer your question?”

“What question?”

“Didn’t you ask me who I was going to fuck around with?”

“That wasn’t a hint.”

“Maybe not, but will you object if I use and abuse you for a while? I’m going to be stressed and will need comforting until I can clear that asshole out of my life. Crystal will miss her daddy for a while but if you are close to her she will still have a father figure and you and I can fuck our brains out.”

“What are you saying, you want to live with me?”

“Oh hell no, I just think we could be closer until I get used to being single again.”

“We’ve always been close.”

Sonia, my sister, nineteen months years older than me, cupped my cheeks in her hands and put her lips on mine. She kissed me with a warm developing passion then said “Very close Karl, until I can face the world alone.” She kissed me again then got off my lap, lifting off the cock lodged in her. My prick fell to my thigh, she looked at it -- “Very close.”