9 signs someone’s in love with you even if its nairobi escort girls

Category: Random Posted On Tue 06 September, 2022

It’s easy to know when you’re in love with someone. But, how do you know if they are in love with you?

Love is a powerful, positive emotion. Like all emotions, you may experience it differently depending on your age, the relationship you’re in, and the kind of person you are.

Being in love is the intense feeling at the start of a relationship irrespective of whoever you are falling in love with even if its nairobi escort girls when you only see the positive things about the other person and walk around with your head in the clouds. This feeling can be so intense it actually hurts – especially if the person doesn’t feel the same way about you.

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How do you know if someone is in love with you?

  1. They think about you a lot

    When someone is in love with you, they think about you a lot and they will call or text you more. They want to talk to you. They will want to make plans to see you and spend time with you. You may find that they call you for no apparent reason but really all they needed to hear is your voice. Some may travel across town to just come and see you. 

  2. Their body language

    How they look at you says a lot about how they feel about you. It’s not only about how often they look at you, it is equally about how they look at you. You will notice that they will look into your eyes for longer as you talk. 

    Even the most confident person can get nervous so you may notice that they are fidgety.  

    It may also be that they can’t help smiling. They don’t know what to say when you meet – or may talk too much because you’re trying to impress you. 

  3. No mixed signals

    You’re not confused. It is very clear that the person likes you enough to want to be with you. They will want you to do things that couples do, including making plans together, checking on each other, caring for each other, etc. 

  4. Showing interest in your interests/hobbies

    They have fun with you even if what you are doing is not that fun. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘it’s not what you do, it’s who you do it with?’ This is exactly what is implied here. When you’re involved with someone, you can watch paint dry and think it is magical. If you’ve never enjoyed watching the stars or moon at night but suddenly that becomes interesting with someone, you may be in love. 

    They may also be open to assist you to do things they don’t normally enjoy or care for. This shows that they want to be near you and spend time with you. Chances are that they wouldn’t do this for everyone else. 

  5. You get attention…lots of it

    They give you more attention. People make time for things or people that are important to them. If someone is giving you a lot of attention, they could be in love with you. Likely. 

  6. They care deeply about you

    There is a difference between someone showing sympathy and another showing empathy. Someone who is in love with you will show empathy. They will care about your feelings and well-being deeply. They will want to be with you when you are going through hard times and are likely to help you find solutions. They are willing to sacrifice to help you. 

  7. They remember little details

    If someone remembers little details such as that you prefer dark to white chocolate, love chips mwitu, your birthday, or your favorite color is yellow, or that your sink was leaking, it’s likely that they are in love with you. 

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  8. They want others to know about you

    How they introduce you matters. Well, I know this is contested since some people will even introduce you to their grandmother yet they are not in love. They exist. Forget those ones for now.  Someone who’s in love with you will want others to know that you are an important part of their lives. They will want to connect more to your world and you to theirs. 

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  9. You are in their future

    Listen to people when they speak. If their future plans involve you, it means that they want you by their side and the implication is that they are likely in love with you. They will use ‘us’ and ‘we’ when talking about the future as opposed to ‘me.’

If all this sounds familiar, they’re probably in love with you!

Bonus: Scientists have tried to find out what makes us feel this way, and what happens to our brains when we’re in love. They found that really does go to our heads: our bodies produce more of certain hormones like oxytocin, commonly known as the ‘love hormone


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