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Escort Ladies: Africa certainly has a large number of destinations when it comes to meeting local girls and exploring the nightlife. Lately, it seems that Kenya and Tanzania are clearly two of the most popular spots to visit. So which one is better? Well that basically depends on who you ask, as every guy has different experiences when they travel.

Still, you can make some clear comparisons as to what’s different about both countries, and which spots have an advantage in certain areas.

In this article, I’ll go over the three main aspects every savvy guy considers when choosing a country to visit: the nightlife, the girls, and of course the prices.

(Also, a quick note: For Kenya, most of the information will center around Nairobi and Mombasa, while for Tanzania, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar will be the main sources.)



For those that don’t know, Kenya is fast becoming a chic country in more ways than one, especially in Nairobi, which has recently been dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Africa”. Nairobi has a ton of options for bars and nightclubs, and many of them wouldn’t be out of place in other large cities like Buenos Aires, Chicago, or any other major metro areas around the world.

You’ve got several bars where you can instantly meet a wide range of working girls and non-pros, and lively clubs that keep things going well into the night. The guys are friendly too, and it’s rare to encounter any drama anywhere. Mombasa has more of a beach vibe due to its location, but the same is true for the most part. Good vibes all around, and not many shitty bars and clubs. Plenty of strip clubs too like the one owned by NairobiRaha owner


Dar es Salaam is a huge city, and basically became an urban metropolis overnight within the last decade or so. Although not as bustling as Nairobi, the club scene in Dar es Salaam is still impressive, and you have a lot of places to choose from in districts like Oyster Bay. Things are a little more spread out though. You’ll often hear a strange mix of Western and Tanzanian music at the clubs, but you are in Africa after all.

There are some good bars that stay packed, but the clubs are where you want to be, especially on the weekends. As with Kenya, the people of Tanzania are very laid back, and it’s easy to make friends and have a good time every time you go out. A bit further north on the island of Zanzibar, things are a little more uptight due to it being a Muslim area. Even so, there are still some good bars and clubs along the coast of the island.

  • This one is close. Both countries have a relaxed and fun vibe surrounding the nightlife, but I’ll give the edge to Kenya, mainly due to the better clubs in Nairobi, and the party atmosphere found around Mombasa. Tanzania is still a fun place to go out at, but Kenya edges them out – for now.

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Escort girls Nairobi are among the best in the world for many reasons. They have that ethnic African look but also have a more refined aesthetic while keeping themselves fit and slim. Basically the stereotypical African curvy body on a thin frame. Kenyan women are also very confident, educated, smart, and enthusiastic – something you’ll notice right away.

Kenyan dudes are not always the best to their women, so if you’re a Westerner visiting a place like Nairobi, you’ll always generate interest from them. There are a lot of working and semi-pro girls around Kenya, but they are laid back, tend to be fair, are usually not shady, and seem to really enjoy their work. They are also more open sexually than many other African girls, and really make an effort to please their partners, taking pride in it.


Tanzanian women are not all that different, both in looks and in vibe, especially in the big cities. They are typically not as educated or overly confident as Kenyan women, however, which is the main difference. They also don’t expect cash or small gifts after sex as much as Kenyan girls do, and are usually perfectly satisfied with the attention and time spent with a foreigner.

The women in Tanzania are not as put together or westernized as much as Kenyan women, but some men will prefer that aspect more. Women in Zanzibar tend to have more Arab in them, and are more conservative, but there are still plenty willing to have a little fun. Overall, Tanzanian women are always pleasant, usually very hot, and seem to have surprisingly good sexual skills, but don’t expect to get weird with them beyond basic sex stuff.

  • Another hard decision. I’m going to have to go with Kenyan women, but this is definitely a preference thing. I’ve got several friends that enjoy Tanzanian women more, but I like the Kenyan vibe and confidence a little more. It’s refreshing to encounter strong, beautiful women who are upfront about what they want, see no shame in banging a foreigner for a few days, and avoid drama for the most part.



Kenya is not an expensive place to visit, but it’s also not cheap. For many, it’s perfectly affordable, and offers good prices on everything from hotels, to the women themselves. In fact, if you’re paying for sex, the prices are not on the same level as your accommodations and food, which is a great thing.

And of course you can also always meet nice girls on the popular dating site.

I’ve gone over how much the average trip to Kenya costs, which you can read about here. Expect to pay about KSh 250,000 for a two week trip staying in nice places, which is about $2,500 USD. As far as the cost of girls goes, you can get decent bar girls for about KSh 2,500, which is about $25 USD. That’s a good value. High-end escorts will cost you about KSh 4,000-5,000, which is $40-50 USD.


Tanzania is about the same in prices, but your accommodations and expenses will be just a little cheaper than Kenya for the most part (less tourists overall).

You can get by on $2,000 USD for two weeks, which includes plenty of time with working ladies. For instance, a full massage + sex is about TZS 90,000, which is about $39 USD total for both. A girl you pick up in a bar will cost you around TZS 60,000 on average, which is close to $26 USD.

  • These two are really about the same when it comes to sex prices, but it’s easier to spend more in Kenya if you’re going to some of the nicer places or top-tier escort services. Your total trip cost will be a little lower in Tanzania, however, so it’s technically the better bargain.


Again, I feel torn having to choose between the two countries, but if I had to pick one if I only had one chance to visit Africa, it’d be Kenya. It’s easy to get around, safe, has lots to offer in terms of safaris, the best women, and best nightlife. That doesn’t mean Tanzania is a pushover though. In fact, although places like Nairobi are developing quickly, Dar es Salaam is developing at an even quicker pace, and offers more than Nairobi in some ways. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this region of Tanzania get right up to par with Nairobi and Mombasa within the next few years.

Another thing to remember is that Tanzania and Kenya are neighbors, so you always have the option to visit both during your trip. I’d recommend it, then you can decide for yourself where to come back on your next trip.

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