Can persons with disability enjoy sex life?

Category: Random Posted On Sun 20 November, 2022

Everyone, regardless of disability, can enjoy great sex life. It’s good to remember that sex is much more than intercourse.

If you’re having cybersex, for example, all you need is your imagination and a phone or computer.

Sex girls in Nairobi and sexuality are not considered a priority for persons with disabilities. Service providers, support workers, and even friends and family tend to focus on the more obvious challenges presented by a disability and assume that sex is unimportant.

But sex is an important part of overall well-being for everyone; disability or no disability. No one should assume that a person with a disability is asexual, or be afraid to ask them about love and sex.

People with disabilities may also be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual and have some sweet sex girls in Nairobi. And if some do have little or no interest in sex, that’s okay too – but it’s certainly not the only way to be.

If you are a person with a disability, here are some sex girls in Nairobi tips for you:

  • Don’t rush into sex unless you are sure you’re ready. If you have doubts, it’s fine to say no. Don’t let anyone talk you into sex if it’s not what you what. The key to having a good (first) sexual experience is good communication and a partner you trust.
  • Sex is all about communication: explaining what you like, finding out what your partner likes, and finding a way to do it. Maybe your body is more or less sensitive in certain places, or maybe mobility or spasticity is a challenge – whatever your body is like, the process of exploring it and discovering new sensations can be an amazing experience for you and your partner.
  • Your disability may impact your bodily functions, so you may have to compensate with toys or find other ways that work for you. Having sex may be more of a challenge, but it can also push you to be more creative! Remember there are lots of ways to have sex and it may take some time to find the ones that work for you and your partner.
  • Due to your disability, you may have issues with bladder or bowel control. If you’re afraid that this will affect your sex life or you’re embarrassed something might happen while you’re having sex with your partner, bring it up beforehand and see how you can best work together to handle this.
  • If something unexpected happens, remember to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine to deal with the unpredictable things that happen in bed.
  • Creativity is key. Talk to your partner; you both need to be prepared to experiment. This means that you have to be comfortable enough with your partner to have conversations that may feel a bit embarrassing. Wait for the right moment, when you’re both feeling relaxed, and suggest trying something new. You may be surprised – even talking about it can be a real turn-on!
  • Everyone is different. If you’re having trouble finding a way to have sex that works for you, think about discussing your options with a healthcare provider or therapist, or other people with disabilities you trust.

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