How to Become an Escort in Nairobi

Category: Random Posted On Wed 04 January, 2023

The escort industry in Kenya has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks in no small part to technological advancements and online platforms becoming among the leading platforms where Kenyans can make money.

While there are many Escorts in Kenya, most ladies and gentlemen who wish to join the industry struggle. Below we will highlight a few ways one can become an escort in Nairobi.

Through online directories

An online escort agency is one of the easiest and most reliable platforms to begin your work in the adult entertainment industry. Nairobi county is a very industrialized area, which draws a lot of escorts from all over Kenya.

You can begin to imagine how high the competition really is therefore in order for you to get the first calls from clients on a regular basis, a lot of advertising has to be done. All these reasons are why it may be better for you to work directly with an online agency. 

The most well-known escorts in Nairobi estates have many customers which guarantees them a steady flow of work and money. But how do you do this?

Online call girls basically have sex worker catalogues and advertisements with their personal mobile phone numbers on the internet. In addition, you can also find virtual brothels where you can offer your professional services.

If you want an authentic source to register as an escort, make sure the website is already up and running. These sites are a good place to start since the platforms are genuine and legit. Before verification, the escorts are taken through a rigorous vetting process to ensure their genuineness.

You can also list the erotic services that clients can check up on before signing up for something you are not comfortable performing. Some of these websites include Nairobi Raha, Nairobi Adults, Elites Beauty SPA,Nairobi Escorts

So, how do clients reach you?

As an online escort in Nairobi, clients will always use the phone number displayed on your advert to call or WhatsApp you directly. For a booking, you can provide them with Incalls or Outcalls depending on the services you provide and what they need. 

Lastly, remember that a good website has reviews from people that have already hired the service. You can also read the blogs of such websites that have been posted by users. These can serve as very important guidelines to ensure you give a VIP experience. 

Working as a street escort

While we do not recommend becoming an escort in the streets of major towns, it is another way you can get into the adult industry. Along Nairobi’s major streets and in the downtown areas of the city, you will always find escorts standing by in a bid to convince passers to quench their thirsts.

These are the kinds of sex workers or escort in Nairobi that solicit clients walking down the streets, taking a walk in the park, or going about their businesses in residential areas, transportation hubs like train and bus stations, cheap hotels and lodging areas or other public areas. 

It is well known that street escorts have lower status and class than indoor call girls. In short, this is a cycle of engaging in escorting, getting arrested, being taken to jail, paying bail out fines and returning to the streets.

Keep in mind that the supply of clients and hence money is unpredictable since it depends on convincing some random passersby to engage with you. If you decide to pick such an arrangement in your escapades, you can service your clients on the streets, vehicles and lodgings.

Since you are a freelancer you face risks directly related to the clients that you will interact with. You might be harmed, robbed, assaulted and defrauded. If you are lucky to find a pimp, they may financially and physically exploit you which is similar to domestic violence.

In most cases, street escorting and street drug markets are closely related. Most of your workmates will already be users of illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin. This means you are exposing yourself to more harm. 

Most of the clientele this gets you are men attracted to the illegal nature of the encounter, crave for sexual acts they lack at home, see it as a non-committal and purely transactional relationship. Finally, it goes without saying, this arrangement has many risks because you are out there on your own trying to get clients.

Becoming an independent escort

As an independent escort, you work alone without an agency behind you. This is because at an agency you always have to split your hard-earned money with the agency. While independent escorts are not that different from others, you get to set your prices and pick your own clients since you are working alone.

Being an independent escort does not mean that you are just a normal call girl or a street worker. It just says you prefer to work alone. You are also free to decide whether you can host the clients at your own place or visit them at their own homes and hotels.

The internet has made it possible for such escorts to go self promote with the aim of building a client base. These call girls offer the same standard escort services that you would get anywhere else.  Kindly join Nairobi Raha here>>

Working in brothels & massage parlours

Brothels are just safe houses used to provide sex and erotic pleasures to willing clients. If you decide to work in a brothel or massage parlour, your security is at least guaranteed in comparison to the streets.

Most men also prefer to visit brothels to get escorts who have already specialized in the business hence professional and discrete. With brothels, the charges may vary but you serve even more than ten clients a day.

Unlike other call girls, the house mother will always brief you before you engage with the men that come in. The clients are also free to even request you to play dress up and role-playing according to whichever fetishes they might have.

The best thing about brothels is what the client sees is what they get, such that there are no pressures for you to over-engage in your performances. Furthermore, since the client is guaranteed what they requested, they will gladly pay more for the security and discrete nature of the encounter.

Massage parlours are safe houses dedicated to providing and giving massage and another range of sexual services to willing gentlemen. This is what is known as “Massage and Extras”. Some barbershops also serve as discreet massage parlours where you can also get erotic services on the menu.

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