Best Call Girl Service in Kenya and Exotic Sex Girls

Category: Random Posted On Thu 02 February, 2023

Kenya is still a hidden gem in many ways, from general tourism and flourishing urban areas, to the massive amount of incredibly hot women there, a good portion of which are definitely available for a price.

Curious as to how much it’s going to cost you for some time with these women? You’re in the right place. Below, I’ll go over the various types of hookers and prices for sex throughout Kenya.

Kenya is one of those typical places where prostitution is outlawed, but not really policed. Some things have gotten a little stricter recently, but mainly just in regard to brothels.

For the most part, things are fairly cheap here, and the women are laid back and not as drama-filled as in some other places. And like some other places, even if a girl in the nightlife isn’t a full-time prostitute, she’s often for sale for the right price, which keeps things interesting.

I’ve gone over it in other articles about Kenya, but always make sure to have some small gifts on you to give girls.

Kenyan Street Hookers

It’s really not all that hard to find swaths of street prostitutes in Kenya, especially in bigger cities like Nairobi, and the greater Mombasa area. These girls are out at all times of day, and tend to hang out in packs, mainly in the more run-down parts of town – at least during the day.

At night, you’ll notice them out and about around all the main entertainment areas, and they’ll be on the lookout for drunk dudes who will have a hard time saying no, or at least trying to negotiate a price. If you’re in a popular nightlife zone, you can often find some fairly hot girls that are certainly a lot more alluring than your average streetwalker.

Most of these girls will do pretty much anything, and typically for the lowest price out of all the various types of hookers here in Kenya. You’ll need to have a hotel or Airbnb however. Expect things to be a little rushed unless the girl is actually into you at least somewhat. Be firm on pricing, and don’t pay until after you’re done

Best Call Girl Service in Kenya and Exotic Sex Girls

Kenyan Bar / Club Girls

This is where you should be doing most of your scouting. Like in many Latin countries, Kenyan hookers are mainly found hanging out at bars and nightclubs, striking up conversations with potential clients and having a drink or two.

This also makes it a little hard to determine who is and who isn’t a freelancer when you’re out at night, but after being here for a day or two, you’ll get a much better feel for it. Many of these girls will boldly approach you when you’re by yourself, and either ask for a drink, or simply discuss business upfront. It’s better to stay and hang with her for a little bit before heading out – some surface-level companionship is part of the experience.

As with street girls, you can haggle the girl down a little bit, and decide on what’s going to happen. And also as with street girls, don’t pay until after.

  • Prices: It depends on the night, the girl, and you, but hookers in bars and clubs will typically cost you KSh 2,000 to 4,000 for sex. You might be able to get her to stay over for another KSh 500-1,000.

Kenyan Massage Girls

If you’ve already been to Thailand and really enjoyed these type of “happy ending massages” – you will have a very difficult time finding such places in Kenya. It’s probably because sex tourism in general is still at a relatively low level here so the prostitutes usually just hang out in the nightlife spots.

There are a few erotic massage parlors in Nairobi though.

  • Prices: You can expect to pay around KSh 8,000 for a full massage and sex session in Kenya’s naughty massage salons.

Kenyan Brothel Girls

Brothels used to be a pretty big thing in Kenya, and kind of one of those open secrets where they weren’t really allowed, but nobody said anything. Unfortunately, times have changed, and brothels have become scarce, hard to find, and hard to depend on.

There are still plenty of brothels in seedier areas, but believe me, you don’t want to be hanging around these parts. They’re more for locals who know a lot more about what’s going on than you.

With that said, you can often find some dudes in Kenya who will point you in the way of the nearby brothels, so if you can find one, and you’re feeling adventurous, it may be worth it. Some strip clubs may still operate as brothels too.

  • Prices: This one definitely varies now, but full sex service at a typical brothel can run anywhere from KSh 800 to 2,000.

Kenyan Dating Site Girls

If you are looking for a travel companion with all the benefits that come along with it, Seeking Arrangement is a hugely popular site for western men to support local ladies financially and in exchange get them as their temporary (or permanent) girlfriend.

  • Prices: It really depends on each girl, means how attractive and how confident she is. Some ladies will be happy if they can stay with you and you pay for all her expenses, while others additionally expect some pocket money.

Kenyan Escort Girls

Escorts are readily available in almost every country at this point, and it’s always a great thing. In Kenya, the process is the same as it is anywhere else. You can either call an agency, or take the much more modern and convenient approach and find one of the many agencies online that will actually let you browse through the various girls available.

You’ll notice that many of the girls are on multiple sites, but that’s just how it is. If you don’t really feel like getting out that day or night, or just want to be able to pre-screen your prospective girl beforehand, an escort is always a great decision, and they have some amazing ones in Kenya, and not all of them are African by any means – but there are plenty if needed.

You’re going to pay the most when going the escort route, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. Just pick your “services”, contact the girl or agency, and you can decide on the price upfront. She might be willing to do more once she’s there though, depending on how it goes.

  • Prices: Again, this uptick in convenience and overall quality will cost you more. Most escorts start around KSh 4,000 for an hour, sometimes even KSh 5,000 or more. You may be able to negotiate a few more services and an increase in time or pay another KSh 4,000 to get her to stay the night.

Kenya still has a lot of unfair stereotypes for some, but for those that make their way down for a visit, you’ll find that there’s a great time to be had with some of the hottest and most laid-back women you’ll ever be around – and it won’t cost you much at all.