5 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in Mombasa and Kenyan Escorts

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While Nairobi City and Nairobi Escorts may be the main attraction for most visiting Kenya, it’s far from being the only spot in the country to meet girls and still be able to kick back and enjoy your stay. I love the capital city, but I also love the coast and all the things that come with it – which is why you should also have Mombasa on your list of potential places to visit when you’re in the country.

This town is nearly as big as Nairobi, has some great scenery, and is also within close proximity to some other interesting areas and suburbs that have a lot to offer as well. Located in the southeast region of Kenya, Mombasa is the second biggest city in Kenya and is pretty much the tourism hub of the country due to its location and proximity to everything from deep sea fishing to safari tours. This actually works in its favor, resulting in great nightlife, lots of accommodations, and of course, lots of girls, working and non-working.

The combination of the getaway feel and the abundance of Kenyan girls and their refreshingly positive demeanor makes Mombasa yet another underrated destination for those seeking some sexy company with hot African girls. While it’s a hidden gem to many for now, I don’t anticipate it staying that way for much longer, as the city is making a full-fledged effort to further develop infrastructure, more entertainment options, and all that stuff. Anyway, all that to say, there are a ton of places to meet girls for sex here, whether you’re trying to pay for it or not.

What to Know Beforehand

Mombasa isn’t as cosmopolitan as Nairobi and doesn’t have as large of an expat population, but it’s still right behind the capital city in both categories. It’s a little intense at times, but that’s just how things are, and the coastal vibe has that typical charm that sort of offsets all that anyway. So yeah, expect the same laid-back and friendly atmosphere as the rest of Kenya. As with any city, there are some crime concerns, but those are mostly on the outskirts in areas where you wouldn’t need to be for any reason. Things aren’t as working girl friendly as they are in other countries, but only in regards to actual establishments like brothels and such. They are around, but they really aren’t advertised, and the government has been trying to crack down a little on these places lately, albeit in a half-assed way. So, bars and clubs are going to be your best bets for hooking up with girls in Mombasa’s nightlife. There are lots of escort services around as well and lots of conveniently-placed happy ending massage spots around the beach areas.


Kenya is a laid-back country in general, so it’s no surprise that it’s even more true along the coast in Mombasa. The native folks are friendly and helpful, and there are just enough tourists and expats to keep things light-hearted as well. There’s a lot to do here, and things are fairly busy.


As far as girls go, it’s not hard to meet them, whether that’s at a bar, walking along the beach, at a club, or simply on a dating site. Prepare to be approached quite a bit when you’re out, especially at night. Even if you manage to get a girl back to your place without paying for the sex, you’re usually going to have to pay something after the deed is done, whether that’s some cab money, a gift or two, or just whatever cash the girl needs to whatever. That’s just how it goes. So, with that said, bring along some cheap gifts like lingerie, sundresses, perfume, cheap jewelry, etc., just like you would in many Latin countries. Despite this little caveat, you’ll find Mombasa girls to be very chill and drama-free for the most part, which is a welcome change from a lot of other countries. Respect the hustle. Still, whatever you do, don’t settle for the first girl to approach you, as Mombasa girls are aggressive in their “self-marketing”. Hold out a little and see what else there is to offer.


Mombasa is kind of an odd place in the sense that all the surrounding suburbs and communities are basically considered Mombasa, despite not technically being Mombasa. Areas like Bamburi Beach, Nyali, Shanzu, and most definitely Mtwapa are all basically Mombasa, each with some different things to offer. In regards to Mombasa nightlife, the Old Town is one of the better areas to stay at, along with any resort/casino areas along the coast. These have plenty of dining and nightlife options, which means they’ll be packed with lots of girls each night looking for guys as clients (or new boyfriends). You can definitely stay in the main part of Mombasa and have a great trip, but if you want more options for girls and experiences, you should be willing to make the 10-15 minute trips to the surrounding areas and beaches. It’s well worth it, and there are lots of places to stay.

Mombasa Girls in Bars / Clubs

Girls in Mombasa BarThis is where you’ll want to be spending most of your time. Bars and clubs in Mombasa are where everyone congregates to have a good time and kick back, and consequently, that’s where all the girls hang out looking for prospective guys to hook up with, be it pro, semi-pro, and non-pro. Since this a resort-ish town, the bars and clubs are often pretty full, with a good mix of visitors and locals. As I’ve said earlier, be prepared to be approached a lot by some confident girls, and expect to buy plenty of drinks. Hang out and take your time, and gauge the situation. Also, when talking about transactions with hookers, the art of bargaining is to your advantage. You can usually talk them down to about half the price or less of what they originally offered you (about KSh 2,000-3,000). If you’re staying in town, the Old Town has some popular bars that are always hopping. Lounge Bar and Florida Nightclub are two excellent spots to check out and have a great time in the process. If you’re venturing up north, Cheers is full of hot and “open-minded” Mombasa girls among the tourists and expats, especially after midnight. Big Tree is a good place to go to during the day, sunset, and early evening. Casablanca Club is the best and most popular nightclub in Mombasa, with plenty of sexy ladies every single night.

Mombasa Girls in Brothels / Strip Clubs

Mombasa is not the best place to find strip clubs or brothels for the most part. If there are any brothels, they’ll likely be word of mouth only, so you’ll need to make a few male friends and ask around so you can find them. Even then, they probably aren’t the most recommended thing there. Strips clubs used to be prevalent across the area, with some pretty good spots to visit. However, the local government is being pressured by the county government to close all strip clubs in Mombasa. It remains to be seen if this will actually be followed up on, however. With that being said, Lollipop Entertainment in Mtwapa is a place you might want to check out.

Happy Ending Massages in Mombasa

Mombasa Happy Ending MassageJust like brothels in Mombasa, happy ending massages and erotic massages, in general, are going to be difficult to spot, as none of them explicitly advertise what they do. However, finding them on your own is not so hard. Many of the beach areas have massage huts set up, and although they can be a bit primitive (and hot due to lack of air conditioning), they are still fairly private, and you can almost always get more than just a massage. Take a walk along the beaches in Mombasa – Nyali or Bamburi Beach – and you’ll find plenty of girls offering you a “massage”, and often for a very low price.

Mombasa Escort Girls

Thankfully, despite the upheaval with strip clubs in Mombasa, there will always be escorts available. As always, this is generally the easiest way to simply get a girl for sex in and out of your room without the bullshit. And as always, you’ll end up paying more most of the time, especially when comparing it to the dating site (see below). A lot of the sites and services in town are neat and organized, so you can get all the firm pricing upfront, and pick from a variety of girls in the area. If you’re looking for some good places to start, go visit Nairobi Escorts, Nairobi Adults & Escorts, and Nairobi Raha Girls .

Mombasa Girls on the Dating Site

If you want to meet girls in Mombasa that are both super attractive and fun to hang out with, using a dating site is probably your best option. Seeking Arrangement is a hugely popular dating site both among expats in the country as well as tourists who want to meet up with nice local ladies. And what’s great about this site (apart from the thousands of sexy women online at any daytime) is that you can arrange your dates conveniently from at home, even before starting your trip, which means you don’t waste any time.

In Closing

Mombasa has it all. You’ve got the beach, not a lot of tourists, a laid-back vibe, and a wide array of hot African girls from Kenya and neighboring countries like Tanzania and Uganda. It’s very easy to have a great time here on all levels, and not spend a lot of money in the process. Plus, Mombasa is surrounded by smaller towns that offer just as much. If you’re looking for something different from Nairobi, or just want an awesome vacation in a less-traveled beach area with an ample supply of girls, Mombasa is where it’s at.

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